My Vision and Goals

Land Use:

With the most undeveloped land in the Salt Lake Valley, West Jordan has unlimited possibilities and potential.   We must develop smart. Many citizens have donated their time working on the general plan, and I expect the latest plan to be completed by the end of this year. Developing our city for what is best for our city and its residents and businesses is my objective. We must utilize what we have and look at the general plan when deciding zone changes.  Sometimes the best thing you can say is, "No today for a better tomorrow."  We need to carefully balance housing densities, to ensure we have something for all income levels.  While serving I have pushed back on density and worked with developers to increase commercial square footage in their plans.  Working with developers to create a win-win is the way we create a better tomorrow. 

We as a city need more clean commercial development.  Homeowners pay 55% of their properties value while business pays 100%, in addition, they pay tax on many items in their business. To keep our residents' taxes lower, we need land dedicated to innovative commercial development.  During my time on the council, I have worked with staff to create a business-friendly environment to bring in commercial development for the future. Commercial square footage has increased by over 4.5 million square feet since 2018.  I will continue to work with economic development to attract those businesses our citizens express a desire to have in our city.  



We must also work with the state to improve and develop our transportation needs. While serving, I have attended many meetings where state road infrastructure is discussed and decided to ensure our voice is heard. This issue will continue to need work and input from residents and our elected representatives.  



Another item I will continue to work on is keeping our community safe and aesthetically pleasing.  I helped collaborate to increase our firefighters by nine and police officers by five.  I also see the need to work towards solutions that will keep our neighborhoods clean and well maintained.  We want our city to be the one everyone wants to live in.  In the last few years, our council has approved more funding towards police and fire, this is something I want us to continue to invest in. Culture and events also create a sense of place and help a community to thrive.  We have added more community opportunities like the food trucks at Ron Wood Park.  I was fortunate to be able to work with staff and an architectural firm to design a future cultural arts building. I helped ensure it will work for our community's needs without driving the cost up.  And this year we have worked into the budget ongoing funding to help this dream become a future reality.


I have seen firsthand the importance of working with other entities to accomplish good things for all.  We need council members to be present at the many meetings that occur with other elected officials.  While some of these meetings seem less important for a particular issue, you often develop relationships with others that play a vital role in a future endeavor.  I will continue to foster my relationships with our federal, state and, fellow local leaders.  I also have seen how important it is to be aware of the school district's business and keep them informed of our growth and needs. Working together and with others, we will move West Jordan to a bright future.