My name is Shauna Kayleen Anderson Whitelock, my friends call me Kayleen.


Utah Native

West Jordan Resident for 37 years

Current City Council at Large Member

Nursing Education

Served on various Boards

Former Jordan School Board Member

Married, 7 children, 8 grandchildren


 I was born and raised in Utah and have lived for the past 37 years in West Jordan. I have seen our city evolve from a small community with single-lane roads to a large city with highways and mass transit. I attended Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah.  After completing school I worked in the field of nursing. I had multiple opportunities in the field of nursing to serve as a leader and help my team be successful. As the director of a pharmaceutical research company, I worked with staff to write and implement policies and procedures. My past experiences have provided multiple opportunities to coordinate, direct, and work as a team. I have developed relationships and experience working with our state and federal elected officials from my time serving on other boards and committees, as well as time on our city council.  

My priorities are

 Quality of Life

Smart Growth 


  I look forward to continuing to serve and represent you as our city grows.